The NSA is engaged in the mass surveillance of Americans and people around the world.


The NSA violates fourth amendment rights and civil liberties. One request to the FISA Court permits access to the private lives of millions. Only 10 of 15,000 requests have been denied.

According to a recent NSA memo, 1.6% of all online activity is monitored and collected. That’s enough to capture more than 50% of all internet communications.

There is no evidence that the FISA Court and NSA programs are effective. Mass surveillance did not prevent tragedy in Boston or aid in identifying those responsible.

Locked Folder

America is becoming a nation of secrets. Members of Congress are denied information about surveillance programs while NSA officials offer conflicting and deceitful statements.

NSA surveillance has damaged foreign relations. Millions are protesting worldwide and European businesses are abandoning U.S. tech companies. Total losses could reach $35 billion.

The scope of NSA surveillance is already expanding. The DEA is trying to hide its misuse of NSA data. Other groups want access for smaller offenses like copyright infringement.


“True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.”

Clarence Darrow

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